The Academy of Art University Finds the Correlation Between Arts and Athletics

At the Academy of Art University, athletics and arts are not seen as opposites despite many believing that the two worlds don’t intersect. The university finds that viewing athletics and arts as two opposites are far from the truth. The university highlights the various areas in which both skills and athletics are similar.

The Academy of Art University has proved that the characteristics that contribute to an individual’s success in whatever walk of life can be taught and learned through various artistic and athletic pursuits. Research also shows that the attributes that drive individuals to victory in both arts and academics are similar. While playing sport and creating art may not seem critical in preparing an individual for life, the two activities help individuals cultivate distinct yet identical strengths.

Both Process Criticism

The natural talent at times lends some people an advantage in arts or sport. The skills that are required to excel in athletics and literature are taught by a coach, mentor, and instructors. At the Academy of Art University, a large part of the teachings in arts and athletics are educated mainly through criticism.

Time-Management Skills

In arts and athletics, the adage that goes “practice makes perfect” is correct. There are a lot of hours in a day to solely focus on sports and arts. With this in mind, professionals in arts and athletics have to set priorities and manage their time wisely.

Communication Skills

Professionals in athletics and arts know that communication is a two-way street. Without proper connection, the professionals in arts and athletics wouldn’t be able to succeed since these professionals have to ask and discuss various details about their pursuits to learn. These professionals also have to practice the skills of hearing and listening to what’s being said.

Sound Organizational Skills

Professional pursuits in arts and athletics require a set of exemplary organizational skills since each pathway requires materials, specific tools of trade, and instructions. Organizational skills in arts and athletics have to be accumulated over time, cared for, repaired, transported, and stored while time constraints are met.

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