Positive Feedback: Vinod Gupta’s Groundbreaking Strategy For Success

  From incredibly humble beginnings to the loftiest heights of success, Vin Gupta has been a trailblazer in business for decades. His mission, even as a young boy living in squalor outside New Delhi, India, was to secure wealth and well-being for not just himself, but also his entire community. To that end, he applied […]

NexBank Provides a Host of Lending Solutions for Customers

NexBank Capital Inc., is based in Dallas. The financial services company recently completed $54 million in private placement subordinated notes for high-net-worth investors and certain institutions. The bank will use the proceeds for general company purposes. Raising this capital has placed the company’s debt and equity totals at $283 million since 2016.   NetBank products […]

Kimberly Bakker : An Entrepreneur’s Way To Getting Things Done

  Kimberly Bakker is one of the most accomplished CEO’s and event planners today. Her educational accolades from the University of Southern California and career accolades in working as the San Francisco Protocol Officer with the Mayor’s Office has no doubt lend her the skills and know-how on running a successful business.   Today, Kimberly […]

Richard Liu Qiangdong: From Failure To Success

One of China’s most successful entrepreneurs recently visited Dallas, Texas to talk about his journey to success. Richard Liu Qiangdong, CEO and founder of JD.com, always enjoys telling his story and hearing from others. Though he could retire in luxury, Richard Liu continues traveling and hearing from customers and fellow entrepreneurs.   In Dallas, through […]

The Complex role that Betsy Davos plays in the Trump Administration

Betsy DeVos was not especially known for being assertive prior to being chosen to join the Trump Administration as education secretary, though she had always been active in promoting a conservative agenda. Explaining that President Trump had rescinded the federal policy that gave transgender students the freedom to use whichever restrooms they personally felt were […]

Shervin Pishevar says China doing well than US in infrastructure development

Shervin Pishevar is one of the most-informed persons about the US economy. After years as a venture capitalist and angel investor, he has learned a lot about economic and financial matters. He is, therefore, one of the people who deserve respect when they give out opinions about matters related to the industry. US economy At […]

Roseann Bennett Providing Effective Marriage Counseling With A Unique Approach

  Working with people from all walks of life has helped Roseann Bennett gather a variety of experiences in her career as a family and marriage therapist. Roseann Bennett believes that people who are willing to find a solution to their family and marriage issues would be able to find it, and professional assistance accelerates […]

Can CloudWick Analytics Stop Cyber Criminals?

As more transactions are conducted online, companies have much more data to process. Unfortunately, they also have many more cyber criminals who are eager to hack their IT systems and steal valuable customer and employee data. As a result, companies big and small are seeking the most innovative solutions to these problems. For many, the […]

Kimberly Bakker Works Hard To Brighten The Lives Of Her Clients Every Day

  Kimberly Bakker is the creator of Kimberly Bakker Events, and she has been into planning events since she was a kid. Bakker has always been the kind of person to pay attention to all of the little important details that make an event unique.   Her family has always appreciated celebrating the events that […]