Offline Bookstores Reap Big From’s Partnership

Recently, the Asia’s leading e-commerce giant helped over 49 offline bookstores to up their competitiveness. Most of these bookstores were almost shutting their doors due to the fierce competition from their online competitors. offered the brick and mortar stores with Retail as a Service (RaaS) technological solutions that helped them improve their sales, profits, […]

“Marc Beer Leads Renovia Inc. to Success “

The biotechnology industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States and beyond. The industry has an estimated worth of billions of dollars. Despite this towering figure, the biggest challenge that the industry faces is inadequate funding for their research. Most companies in this sector are startup companies which require a large […]

NewsWatch TV Bewildering Reviews

The prize winning television with a pinpoint on technology, consumer and entertainment precisely editorial and sponsored consumer electronic reviews has commentaries on SMT interviews, VNRs, and national consciousness campaigns acquiesced to them by various providers. Awarded a gold and platinum Marcom Award in 2017, NewsWatch TV began its airing in March 1990 as a monthly […]