A Brief Overview Of Vinod Gupta’s Involvement In Funding Women Education

Vinod Gupta is an Indian Native who grew up in a small village a few miles North of New Delhi and went to school in the Indian Institute of Technology where he studied agricultural engineering. After graduating, he enrolled in the University of Nebraska at Lincoln for his master’s degree in agricultural engineering. Vinod got a job as a market research analyst for Commodore corporation post-matriculation, a mobile home manufacturer. He quit in 1972 and started his first company, the American Business, and it grew into a multi-million enterprise after he sent out market mailers to everyone who would somehow befit from his database services. Learn how Gupta how he became successful with his Business Insights.


In 1992, he renamed the business empire to InfoUSA which again changed to InfoGroup before it was sold in 2010 for $680 million. Vinod Gupta is currently serving as the managing director and partner for the Everest Group, a company that provides capital, manages private equity assets and gives advice to failing business entities.He invested his years of expertise in helping companies that were dragging. Click Here to learn more.


In his spirit of philanthropy, Vinod Gupta has set aside resources that are meant to help change the lives of unfortunate individuals in the society. Knowing the importance of education, he has built learning institutions in India and continually makes a contribution that is meant to fund ongoing courses in Alma mater. He contributed $1 million to the construction of Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, a women institution that has helped several women get their postgraduate degrees within two years.


Besides this, Vinod Gupta has devoted a certain percentage of his earnings to build a girl’s school and has made it possible for the school to have buses and a supply of writing materials. Gupta’s aim was to close the educational gender gap because young girls were not given the same educational opportunities as their male counterparts in India.


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