A New Formula from Sunday Riley

Texas entrepreneur, Sunday Riley, has made a statement in the cult beauty community with her self-named brand using a mixture of science and botanicals. Launched in 2009, she has been working to fill the hole in “green technology” for skin care, by using active ingredients and her knowledge of chemistry to create these fast acting products.

Sunday Riley takes her time going through the process of trial and error when creating her products. She asks herself exactly what is she trying to create? How does she what it to feel and smell? What kind of experience does she want to create for her customer? She is proud of all her products, but if something does not do well or if she knows she can make it better it will be cut from the line without hesitation. She leaves emotion out of it in order to create the best line possible.

She feels humble that people use her products every day and are a part of their routines. Sunday Riley likes to stay away from reading about her products and herself, trusting her team to tell her what people are saying and if they have any complaints. It helps keep herself separated from the brand name.

The popularity of her product Good Genes is due to people spreading the word about how quickly it works and how it does not irritate the skin. When it launched there were not a lot of other lines containing acids, such as lactic acids which help reduce the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen. Sales as a whole increased after the launch of Good Genes, accompanying products gaining popularity as well.

Sunday Riley is slowly dipping her feet back into the makeup game with a new buildable sheer coverage foundation available in twenty different shades. The brand did feature a makeup line a few years after launching, but slowly fazed it out after finding it to be a financial burden.

Using her own products she keeps a strict morning and night routine and believes the most important steps for health skin are cleansing and exfoliation.