Adam Milstein Philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a very busy person. In addition to being the head of one of the largest real estate management companies, Hager Pacific Properties, he runs a number of non-profit organizations. Adam Milstein is one of the most pro Jewish and pro-Israel people in the United States and does a great deal of work to promote the advancement of these people.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder of the Israel American Council which he started in 2007. He is the National Chairman of the Board for their organization. Under his leadership there are branches all over the United States. This is not the only non-profit organization that Adam Milstein is a member of. He and his wife founded the Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation helps American people of Jewish decent learn about their heritage and about the country of Israel. This organization offers education and both Milstein and his wife give their time to help this cause. There is even a foundation dedicated to helping Jewish people that have been diagnosed with cancer during their treatment and recovery.

Getting the funds to operate these foundations is not always easy. Milstein takes a great deal of time to get the funds needed. He developed the Donor Forum to help. This forum is for non-profit organization. They can post information about their work and the people that they support. They are able to post a 15 minute video describing their mission statement and the work that they do. Funders can watch the videos and donate to the organizations that share their values. Adam Milstein is personally involved with this organization and donates his time and his money to help the cause. He is able to do all of this while running Hager Properties and making sure the company continues to be successful.