Anthony Constantinou Helping Lead The Way To A Better Future


Artificial Intelligence is not something out of the far distant future. We don’t have to wait hundreds of years to see AI at work. It’s working, right here among us, right now, thanks to the dedicated work of one man: Anthony Constantinou.

Constantinou is a Bayesian Mathematics Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, Anthony Constantinou is an assistant professor at the University.

Have studied Bayesian probability at Queen Mary University of London, Anthony Constantinou has used the theorem to develop computer programs that actually ‘think’ and perform tasks based on those thoughts. Bayesian probability is based on the name of a man several hundred years ago, Thomas Bayes, who theorized the original probability curves in the equations. It was later worked out and refined by a man named Pierre-Simon Laplace.

Anthony Constantinou used these probability curves in computer programs in order to have the machine think about the problems it was given, and then produced results based upon this artificial intelligence.

In the experiments with sports bookmaking, the machines outperformed even the most knowledgeable human bookmakers, beating their averages and figures every time. Since then, the same ideas have brought fruition in gaming, in economics, and in investment opportunities.

However, one would never think of speaking with a “Dr. Machine”, but that is exactly what happened when Anthony Constantinou used Bayesian probability in a computer program to help patients with their medications. In some simple and some not-so-simple tests, the Artificial Intelligence was able to predict the outcomes of different medications used on different patients, doing far better the the doctors who were competing with the machine. View Related Info Here.

Whereas the practical uses of the idea of AI hasn’t even scratched the surface yet, we think that Anthony Constantinou is going to be one of the people to help to lead us into a brighter, more effective future.


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