Asset Investment Services of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment group has significantly grown in the market, and it is providing quality services to all its customers. Recently it was able to integrate a new strategy that offers secured investment services to all its investors in iPass. It was a great move for the Fortress Investment group since the investing iPass was impactful as echoed by the president and CEO of iPass Gary Griffiths. The financing will be able to take the iPass to a higher level and be able to accomplish its objectives and closing the existing gap towards profitability. The iPass is leading in the network business since it controls the most extensive Wi-Fi network in the world. Through its services, it has made it easy for lots of businesspersons to have easy access to the Wi-Fi services that are crucial for the success of their businesses.

Therefore, the businesses can be able to connect with millions of clients all over the world through the network services offered by the iPass. Clients can be able to have an access of over 64 million hotspots globally which is a remarkable impact. The growth is expected to reach 34o million as the 2018 ends and that makes it worthy for iPass to be a great investment opportunity for Fortress Investment group.

On the other hand, the fortress has been leading in the asset investment, and that is why it seems to work well in the investment industry. So that its services are effective, Fortress Investment group has employed more than 900 employees, and it has its branches all over the world. Its headquarter is in New York, and it has three principals that ensure it is well operated and coordinated. They include Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger. All the three are highly qualified and professionals hence they offer a great leadership service to the company. The core competency areas of Fortress Investment group are capital markets; asset-based investing, corporate mergers and acquisitions and operations management. The Fortress Investment has been dedicated to providing its investment services to all its investors so that they can accomplish their goals and become successful in all their endeavors.

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