Barbara Stoke – GSH Donation

The GSH Alabama gave a press release where there was detailed and comprehensive information about a hefty donation of building materials that were offered to the Madison County branch of Habitat for Humanity. This donation includes a truckload of Hardie Fascia, more than 1000 sheets of Drywall and more than 80000 square of Linoleum flooring that is worth more than 100000 US Dollars was offered as a donation to the local charity. GSH of Alabama implemented its in-house logistic networks to handle transportation of five semi-truck loads that included brand new and high-quality supplies. These supplies were from its manufacturing facility to the habitat for Madison County Humanity that is based in Huntsville. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Barbara Stokes, the Chief Executive Officer of the GSH of Alabama, made a statement regarding this donation and stated that GSH is highly impressed by these material donations. She also made an affirmation that these materials are going to be correctly and appropriately allocated. Barbara Stokes also noted that this was an incredibly good act by Habitat for Humanity in the Huntsville region and that they are proud of supporting this mission. GSH is well conversant about the provision of low-cost housing to the needy since they are Disaster Relief Contractor. The first action that takes place whenever a natural disaster occurs and wipes out the communities is the adjournment of the rebuilding process. The rebuilding process helps to secure housing for all those who are affected by the disaster.


The materials donation by GSH Alabama were of high quality. The quality was a guarantee for the mere fact that Huntsville Company is always concerned about its efforts towards providing safety and comfort for the families. In all homes produced by the GSH Alabama, there are hurricane-rated structural integrity, Automated-fire suppression system, and molds, pest and mildew resistance. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.