Stream Energy’s Contribution to Help Victims of Hurricane

Stream Energy used its money from energy sales to fund Hurricane Harvey recovery. The company is known for being philanthropic. It sells energy directly to clients, and it recently launched a charity organization called stream cares. It wants to formalize philanthropy in every state, hence the initiative. Stream has engaged in numerous charity events to […]

Adam Milstein Understands the Importance of Giving Back

Adam Milstein has had success in his many endeavors. He served honorably in the Israeli military, he has an extensive education from prestigious institutions, and has found professional success. This article will discuss those, but it will mostly focus on his success as a philanthropist, especially the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. After serving during […]

The Complex role that Betsy Davos plays in the Trump Administration

Betsy DeVos was not especially known for being assertive prior to being chosen to join the Trump Administration as education secretary, though she had always been active in promoting a conservative agenda. Explaining that President Trump had rescinded the federal policy that gave transgender students the freedom to use whichever restrooms they personally felt were […]