Charlamagne Tha God’s Response To Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’

Charlamagne Tha God is well known for heavily criticizing contemporary music and musicians on his radio show The Breakfast Club. Amongst the many musicians that he has been vocally critical against is famed Detroit MC Eminem. In December of 2017 Eminem released the album Revival which was poorly received by fans and critics alike. Charlamagne was one of his most outspoken critics and was quoted as saying the album was ‘super trash’ by Eminem’s standards and that he should not have released something ‘so wack’ into the world.

With the release of Eminem’s recent surprise album Kamikaze, the Detroit MC took lyrical shots at several people who criticized Revival as well as artists who he had a musical distaste for. Among those dissed were Drake, Tyler The Creator, and Charlamagne Tha God. While the majority of people who were name-dropped on this album have chosen to remain silent, Charlamagne decided to listen to the disses on air and give his response to The Breakfast Club audience.

Charlamagne resented the fact that Eminem said he was just going to hate anyways and attempted to clarify that he doesn’t view himself as a hater but rather as someone who is not afraid to speak truthfully regarding his opinions. Charlamagne went on to state that Eminem is undoubtedly one of the best lyricists there ever was, however, he struggled to relate to Eminem’s lyrics and world views and has therefore never been a fan. The host of The Breakfast Club did go on to say he thought it was beneficial for Eminem to receive such negative feedback from his Revival album because it allowed him to come back with ‘a great piece of art’ in the form of Kamikaze.

As for the rest of the disses on the album, Charlamagne for the most part supported all of them; including the controversial Tyler, The Creator line which recalls Tyler’s past where he would refer to himself as a “faggot”. Charlamagne said he supports free speech, however, he understands why people would be offended by that line and that they had every right to be.

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