Clayton Hudson, The Man behind the Music Industry

You might say Clayton Hutson is the man who makes everything run right in the music business. When it comes to music tours, he works hard to make sure everything goes the way it should.

Clayton Hutson respects his clients’ experience, and believe in impressing them. He has had a variety of jobs including, sound engineer and project manager all the while gathering experience of his own to someday run his business. His ambition and drive have led him on many different jobs including his time with Billy Graham. Eventually, his talents guided him to rock and roll where he worked with artist from Pink to Kid Rock. In addition, his cumulative knowledge has allowed him to hone his skills.

He majored in theater design in college but didn’t stop there. A visionary that believes in giving a project a hundred percent. When Clayton Hutson works for a client, he will see that every detail is done correctly.

He uses CAD design to help make sure that he doesn’t miss anything, and his use of CAD helps make those things he sees in his mind become a reality. Nothing is left to chance.

Clayton starts his day early and often works long hours. In order to get the most out of his time, he plans everything right down to the smallest detail by envisioning what all needs to be done. He has earned an impeccable reputation in the music industry and has no shortage of clients.

Constantly on the look-out for trouble, Clayton often re-checks over down to the smallest details. He believes in staying in the loop of new technology and like clients who are willing to try new things. A man who has had plenty of success and some failures, Clayton Hutson appreciates W.C. quotes on persistence and knowing when to give up.