Doe Deere And The Creation Of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere was born in Russia and grew up in New York City. In New York, she studied fashion design before she founded and launched her online cosmetics company in 2008. Little did she know but soon after her brand would take the world by storm. She would also learn that there were many other consumers looking for products as unique as hers.

She always had a knack for creativity, back in 2004 she started Lime Crime clothing through eBay where she designed and made her own clothing. She got the idea to create makeup when she would model her fashion creations. Before she knew it after less than 12 months Doe was already making steady sales and an income from her store. She had visions of bright, vivid, colors to accent her outfit choices, however, she could not find them anywhere.

Doe always had a very creative and imaginative side to her. As a lover of Fairytales and makeup, she decided to make her dreams into reality with Lime Crime Cosmetics. Featuring a unicorn as the mascot, representing just how magical her products are. Her makeup brand is cruelty-free and fun for everyone by offering the hues she was not able to find in other companies.

The cosmetic line received its fun name based on Doe `s love for fairy tales which she associated with cute rhyming words. She wanted a name that represented exactly how whimsical her brand was and told exactly what she was all about. she always enjoys playing with words and making as many puns as possible and her product names such as “Airborne Unicorn”, which is one of her favorites.

Over the years, the brand has grown and is now not only available online but in many retail stores and the United States as well as all over the world. At first, she had an original collection that featured eyeshadow, blush, glitter, primers, and brushes that started at $12. By the year 2009, her brand gained more popularity after she released her own makeup tutorials.

With her experience, Doe has shared her keys to success. She is a firm believer that you should only promote what you are truly passionate about. And you should always keep the core value in mind to work with what inspires you and helps you bring out the best version of yourself. She says that this belief is what inspired her to create her makeup line in the first place and is what separates her from her peers.

Along with Lime Crime`s success, the brand has been very charitable. They have supported some of the CEOs favorite charities such as Girls In, HOLA for kids, The Red Cross, as well as many different animal shelters and sanctuaries. The giving doesn’t stop there and it is something that the company takes great pride in.

in conclusion, Doe has shown but staying true to yourself and your values pay off in the end. She has been able to help millions across the globe express themselves in the way that they see fit. With fun names and color choices, and even more to come, Lime Crime Cosmetics continues to grow.


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