Dr. Mark McKenna is Changing the Face of Healthcare

Dr. Mark McKenna has launched a cosmetic services boutique that helps clients to change themselves. There are many products that help to reduce the appearance of things that we do not love about ourselves such as a scar, blemish, or wrinkles. For some of these issues, you would normally go to a hospital or doctor’s office in order to get a correcting procedure done or to get a Botex injection.

Many patients to not like the whole process since hospitals and even some clinics can feel very sterile and uninviting. It can feel more like a business than a facility that cares about each individual patient.

Dr. Mark McKenna created OVME to change that. OVME is creating a warm environment that will make teh patient feel much more comfortable and will offer advanced healthcare techniques that coincides with the direction of the future of medicine. OVME is an experience and offers an experience that feels like you’re going to a salon or spa rather than a clinic or hospital.

Dr. Mark McKenna is very innovative and plans on creating an app that will revolutionize the way that the industry functions. It will be similar to how Uber works but for healthcare. The app will make it convenient to get the treatment you want and when you want it. You will be able to have a consultation through the app no matter where you are, and you can fell connected through a video app. You will also be able to go over any questions that oyu may have before going on to get eth procedure done.

Certain procedures may even be done right in teh comfort of your home. OVME is not only great for clients but for teh doctor as well. It will allow them to really maximize their earnings by working on demand and filling in time where they are not occupied by other jobs. Dr. Mark McKenna understands that there is a demand for a different type of healthcare as the future progresses and he has set out to fulfill that need for the benefit of the patient.