Dr. Sam Jejurikar: Why This Dallas Cosmetic Surgeon Is so Well-Reputed

The medical industry often sees individuals who believe that they can make a difference with their unique sense of innovation. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one such individual, and, for over 20 years, he has graced the Dallas area with his services. His specialty is plastic or cosmetic surgery, an often underappreciated branch of surgery. He believes his work to be much more meaningful that that, however, and he has been nationally recognized for his contributions.

In Texas, Baylor Medical Center, Texas Health Presbyterial Hospital and Forrest Park Medical Center have all had the privilege of receiving his services, and, during this time, he has attained a remarkable reputation – one that has truly been well-earned. Although Dr. Jejurikar is currently moving forward with the operations of his very own practice, he is thankful to have the help of a dozen other skilled cosmetic surgeons, with whom he runs this business and efficiently serves patiens.

The University of Michigan is where he finally landed when Dr. Sam Jejurikar picked out a medical school many years ago. Aesthetic surgeries are his passion and area of specialization, and this is a topic that he has studied extensively, in addition to the decades of hard-earned experience he has to his name. Impressively, he has provided much-needed operations for individuals with cleft lip deformations. This is something that he did while in Bangladesh on a meaningful missions trip.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is happy to receive praise and notoriety for his accomplishments, and this is certainly something he is not short of, especially when it comes to the medical journals which have written about his career and reputation. Additionally, Jejurikar was thoroughly honored to earn the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor Award as a result of his much-envied reputation and bedside manner.