End Citizens United Seeks To Stop Trump’s Candidate In Special Election

The tide is turning where more and more Democrats are seeking to overturn the agenda set by Donald Trump. Now, a political action committee is stepping up to defeat one of Trump’s favorite candidates in an upcoming special election. That political action committee, End Citizens United, is looking to flip a seat in the mostly conservative rust belt area of the United States.

In a district that Donald Trump won by 20 points, Democratic Congressional candidate Conor Lamb is running a spirited campaign with help from End Citizens United. With a special election date of March 13, 2018, Mr. Lamb is seeking to build on his momentum as well as the growing disapproval of the Donald Trump Presidency. After the surprise win of Doug Jones in the Alabama special election for the Senate, many Democrats believe that Conor Lamb can continue their winning ways.

The Southwestern part of Pennsylvania is considered Trump country. However, more and more red state residents have become disillusioned with Trump agenda. Looking to capitalize on this trend, End Citizens United has helped raise money for Mr. Lamb, a former Marine as well as a former federal prosecutor. Mr. Lamb’s opponent, Republican Rick Saccone, is currently a state representative as well as a former military officer. Normally, Mr. Saccone would have a slam dunk election in his hands. End Citizens United, however, is helping to turn this race into a competitive war.

So how much can End Citizens United help their candidate? Well, in the Alabama special election, End Citizens United raised an incredible $600,000 for Doug Jones. As the GOP turns to their PAC and heavy hitting donors, End Citizens United as well as other Democratic PACs will seek to match their Republican counterparts, dollar for dollar.

End Citizens United is a political action committee formed as a response to the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. The ultimate goal End Citizens United is to overturn the Supreme Court ruling which allows corporations to donate to policial parties and political candidates much in the same way as citizens can donate.

Formed in 2015, End Citizens United is one of the most aggressive Democratic political action committees today. Having raised over $7.5 million dollars through the first half of 2017, the political action committee seeks to raise in excess of $35 million dollars for the 2018 mid-term elections. With their eyes on taking more and more seats from Republicans, End Citizens United is working hard to stop the Trump train in its tracks.

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