Entrepreneur Kimberly Bakker


From the time she was very young Kimberly Bakker enjoyed celebrating special occasions, achievements, and the accomplishments of others. Those qualities followed her throughout her life, and eventually inspired Kimberly to launch Kimberly Bakker Events. Past work experiences also played a large role in preparing her for this role. Some of the things she learned from previous jobs were time management, customer service, and importance of attention to detail.


What makes a productive day at work

As soon as Kimberly arrives to work she delegates tasks, sets up the events, and goes through each small detail to make sure a successful set-up occurs. During the event she likes to keep moving, continuing to be involved in all facets of the event’s progress. After the event is over Kimberly likes to review what happened, and think of ways to continue to eclipse clients expectations.


Importance of organization

According to Kimberly organization is the one thing that is absolutely critical for any aspiring entrepreneur. Having lists, maintaining order and organization throughout the business will put you in a place to succeed. Each event she works requires everyone from vendors, artists, and professionals on the same page. Therefore, organization is the key to making clients happy, and lists are some of the ways she maintains order. See This Article to learn more.


The key is hospitality

One of the most important parts of event planning is hospitality. Kimberly Bakker often makes a point to take all the pressure off her clients by providing the best customer service possible. This means the clients can just worry about celebrating the occasion with their friends. Furthermore, this means that no request is considered too much, no idea too farfetched, and no service is too complex.


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