Fortress Investment Group A Leader Of Innovation In Asset Management

Fortress Investment Group is an asset management firm. The firm was founded in 1988 with its headquarters in New York. The firm manages alternative assets in credit funds, private equity, and also liquid hedge funds. Over the past two decades, Fortress has experienced a swift arc of development. The firm has been the trendsetter in amongst the private equity firms. It was the first large-scale equity firm to go public through its initial public offering in the New York Stock Exchange in 2007.

Currently, Fortress Investment Group is one of the most successful private equity and investment management firms globally. The success is a result of the diversification in investment. Also, the firm has a very compelling investment strategy known as a strong risk for reasonable returns — the key areas of investment that the firm focuses in include asset-based investment, capital markets, corporate mergers and acquisition, an operations management. The firm has about 900 employees and over 1700 investors. Fortress Investment Group manages assets worth over $43 billion. The firm has a proven track record in managing company portfolios as well as a broad experience regarding capital markets.

Due to its exemplary performance in the market and its trendsetting abilities, Fortress Investment Group was purchased by SoftBank in 2017. SoftBank Group Corporation is a Japanese multinational organization. The group bought Fortress at a price of 3.3 billion. This was a history made by Fortress as the first private equity firm to be purchased. This was a surprising move by Fortress and an effort by SoftBank Group to transform itself to the world’s greatest investment firm. However, Fortress will continue to operate as an individual entity. Following the acquisition, Fortress common stock stopped trading, and soon it will be delisted in the stock exchange market. SoftBank group Corporation bought Fortress in a mission to support the next stage in the evolution of information technology. The Japanese multinational seeks to drive the information revolution in the following sectors; internet of things, clean-energy technology, smart robotics, artificial intelligence, and advanced telecommunications. This is a goal the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group will probably play a huge role in achieving it.