Fortress Investment Group: Global Giant in Real Estate Development and Private Equity Funds

The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998. For 20years, the company has been on the headline in leadership in the investment domain worldwide. In 2018, the corporation has recorded expansion and transition due to the integration with Softbank Group Company. This has made the firm a global prominent financial giant.

It is a dynamic hedge fund that grew into an international investor and financier. After the first 10 years of development, the company went public with the initial public offering on the stock exchange in New York in the year 2007. This growth was contributed by being the first equity company to be delisted. Softbank was purchased in 2017, making the Fortress operations dominate with global assets of $40 billion.

Fortress Investment Group has a great track record in terms of being an international level platform, its leadership as well as its broad level of expertise. As part of the deal’s approval by the board on foreign investment in the US, Fortress is in-charge of daily control of operations. Thus, Softbank is restricted to such matters. However, Softbank’s integration has contributed to support of technology start-ups and expanded financial infrastructure of change in communications.

Fortress Investment Group has continued growth in its portfolio of senior residence, real estate and investment of infrastructure. This is mostly in association with Fortress Transportation, the new senior investment firm and infrastructure investors. On the other hand, being a tech company, Softbank is assertively venturing into the management of stock in the acquisitions enterprise in private equity.

The $2.5billion TSX Broadway growth project made public in 2018 was as a result of the merging between the two companies. Softbank’s interest in tech’s future was linked with the real estate expertise of the Fortress investment Group creating a high profile evident by the great project. It has been reported that other giant tech-leaders like Amazon, Samsung, and Disney among others have shown huge interest in the project.

The long-term strategy of the association between the Softbank Vision fund and Fortress Investment Group is based on the current plans. The two separate entities must work concretely even as the inroads into the private equity company is made. Through the acquisition of Fortress, Softbank is now obtaining experience in financial management on a global level.

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