Guilherme Paulus Article Recap 2

Brazilian businessman and Entrepreneur of the Year award-winner, Guilherme Paulus, continues to leave his indelible mark on Brazilian tourism. His winning business ways began shortly after college when he started humbly as an IBM intern. Paulus quickly developed a reputation as something of a wunderkind and helped establish the tourism company CVC when he was but 24 years old. CVC, Latin America’s largest tour company, boasts annual revenues of $5.2 billion and climbing. His business acumen has given him a stellar global reputation based in large part on his work ethic, entrepreneurship and community involvement.

Guilherme Paulus has not stopped with CVC, though, and has gone on to establish the hotel group GJP. The group owns 12 hotels across Brazil that operate under the names Linx, Prodigy, Wish and St. Andrews. Paulus recently announced that the group would expand further with the addition of a yet-to-be-named hotel in Sao Paulo. Reports are that it will be a boutique venue with a restaurant, 65 apartments, and event space. His long-time belief has been that making tourism an easier process for consumers will make them more likely to use hotels and resorts. Paulus is widely recognized as the foremost expert on Brazilian travel, and most turn to his recommendations.

An inherent entrepreneurial spirit has led Guilherme Paulus to diversify. He purchased Webjet, an airline of one aircraft, and grew it into Brazil’s third-largest airline by 2006. Further growth in the business led him to sell the burgeoning airline in 2011.

Guilherme Paulus has a long-standing belief in social responsibility and community involvement, as well. He understands that businesses he creates also provide gainful employment for the people of Brazil. He was recognized as 2017’s Entrepreneur of the Year because he spent $600 million out of his own pocket to build many of the GJP hotels, which led to the creation of around 1900 jobs for Brazilians. Furthermore, CVC has been heavily involved in helping poor Brazilian children access medical care and education.

He has firmly established himself as a tourism visionary and certainly does not appear to be slowing.