How Repurchase Agreements are Used By Equities First Holdings

There are several companies who have used the services of Equities First Holdings. PaySafe Group (PSG) establish a three-year term loan with EFH. The PSG had stocks they use as collateral returned to them in 2017 because they repaid the loan issued by EFH. EFH normally takes 5 business days to return the stocks used as collateral once the loan has been paid off.

EFH makes the loan process relatively easy. People like the flexibility offered by EFH regarding a plan to repay an equity loan. EFH studies the market and provides great options to their clients from what they learn. EFH offers a repurchase agreement. A repurchase agreement is also called a repo. A repo is a short-term loan. EFH receives works closely with Dubai Financial Markets(DFM) with the use of repurchase agreements. By EFH working with the DFM, it allowed the DFM to become stronger in the area.

With the use of several different financial options, EFH has a goal of reaching over $2 billion in transactions.