How Roseann Bennett Uses Therapy Dogs In Addressing Emotional Needs

Children love being around dogs because they are friendly and fun. There is a lot of information documented that explains the benefit of keeping dogs. It has been discovered how dogs can be useful in improving people’s lives. Dogs have been a great help to Roseann’s work because she uses them when assisting human beings in solving their problems.


Roseann Bennett has been working in the mental health for the last one decade. She has a marriage and family therapy’s license. Her experience has built her a good reputation among her peers. Bennett co-founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She opened the center back in 2010, and since then many people have received help from the Center. The Center is not under any sponsorship, and it is a nonprofit organization that is established to help people with mental health problems to live healthy lives that is more fulfilling. The center has been successfully using Canine-Assisted Therapy for some time.


Roseann Bennett is not a money-oriented therapist. Sometimes she treats patients who cannot afford to pay their bills. For serving children, she was able to realize that she could do a lot with canine-assisted therapy. Dogs are cool around children, and they offer protection. Children feel understood by dogs and never judged and more comfortable around them. The therapist takes advantage of that to get children to talk.


A therapy dog is trained but entirely different from a service dog. A service dog’s training targets in helping people with special needs. A therapy dog is trained to help people with emotional problems. The use of a dog during the therapy session started back in 1976. Elaine Smith was the first person to notice that the dog is beneficial when addressing emotional needs. See This Page for more information.


Not all dog can be used in therapy. Some breeds are much better compared to others. These breeds that can be useful in therapy include Greyhounds, Saint Bernard, Pugs and German Shepherds.


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