How Vijay Eswaran Became an Award-winning Entrepreneur

Vijay Eswaran is an author, businessperson and a philanthropist from Asia but with global recognition. In In 1998, Eswaran started QI Group, and he is the Executive Chairman. Apart from writing various books, Vijay is a recognized speaker having participated in various international fora on leadership, business, and entrepreneurship. In his philanthropic works, Vijay dedicates ten percent of his company’s income towards community-based activities. The company has existed for the last three decades with offices in Malaysia and Singapore. Its operations spread across Hong Kong to Thailand and its competitors respect it very much due to its success.

QI group and Vijay Eswaran himself are highly recognized by other strong opponents in Asia and markets internationally because of the sustainability in business. Among the gatherings that Vijay has spoken to include Commonwealth Business Forums at Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting, CHOGM, and the World Economic Forum. Some of the philanthropic projects run by Vijay Eswaran include Vijayaratnam Foundation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the RHYTHM Foundation. The Vijayaratnam Foundation specializes in human rights, welfare, and well-being and mostly caters for children. The businessperson is also a leader, and one of the institutions under his leadership is the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute.

These practices have won Vijay Eswaran recognition from the GOPIO, Global Organization for People of Indian Origin that awarded him the International Leader in Global Business Strategies award. Vijan holds another award from ASLI, Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute, a Lifetime Achievement Award that recognizes people that have contributed significantly in their field. During the Philanthropy and Lifetime Achievement Award in Regional Philanthropy in Asia held in the third Chinese World Economic Forum, Vijay was among the winners. The foundation specializes in special education, youth development, women empowerment, child mentorship programs, community development, and well-being activities. The foundation collaborates with local and international non-governmental organizations in its operations.