Hussain Sajwani Looks To Build A Successful Future For The UAE And The Middle East As A Whole

Hussain Sajwani is probably best known in the U.S. for the successful food services company he created in the 1980s which would go on to provide catering options for the U.S. military during the Iraq Wars. However, alongside members of the UAE Royal Family, Sajwani has been developing new and exciting ways of creating a brighter future for the people of the Arab world who are looking to move towards spreading the wealth across the entire population which will be created when the economy switches from oil and gas to new technologies.


Caring for the people of the United Arab Emirates has always been important to the Hussain Sajwani family who has been involved in many different programs designed to enhance the work being completed by various groups including the Red Crescent humanitarian organization. Each Ramadan, the University of Washington graduate provides a major donation to a charitable drive established by the UAE Royal Family providing clothing and fuel for low-income children and families across the Middle East; Sajwani himself and his DAMAC Properties group have already provided enough funding to clothe and care for more than 50,000 children annually through the initiative.


The DAMAC owner became a major player in the community of the UAE in the 21st-century when he began a luxury real estate business which has allowed him to become an international business leader with apartment developments in the Middle East and Europe. Always making sure he has his finger on the pulse of the business community, Hussain Sajwani has become one of the most important business leaders in the world with invitations to meetings such as the Davos summit of business and political specialists.


In the last year, Hussain Sajwani has built a powerful role in the lives of the people of the Middle East where he has become an important part of the drive to build new areas of industry beyond that of the oil and gas industries. For Hussain Sajwani the One Million Arab Coders initiative is an important first step in making the nation a technological and space exploration leader.


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