Jacob Gottlieb Is A Health Care Investor Who Cares Deeply About The Future Of The World

Jacob Gottlieb founded Altium Capital with one goal in mind. To invest in health care companies that have the potential to change the world. His company is headquartered in New York City, and he hopes to be able to improve the world’s health care system by banking on companies that will offer meaningful advancements in the sector.

Jacob Gottlieb has recently been supporting Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP) through his company. He purchased a smaller stake in the company to begin with and has faith in his investment as Oramed is developing creative new alternative treatments for diabetes patients. The company is based out of Jerusalem and is, specifically, working on an oral insulin capsule. This has the potential to change the industry as insulin is usually injected into a person who suffers with diabetes. Millions of people’s lives could be changed by this new treatment form, and Gottlieb is happy about that.

Jacob Gottlieb studied at Brown University and earned himself a Bachelor of Arts in economics while there. He also attended New York University Medical School, where he received his MD. After this, Gottlieb finished up an internal medicine internship and then became interested in investing in the health care field. Before starting up Altium, he has had success with more than one company, and this has given him the experience he draws on today.

Jacob Gottlieb has recently decided to also invest in Amarin, which is a company with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. The company works to create medications for people who suffer from cardiovascular issues. The company has already created an omega-3 fatty acid named Vascepa that the FDA approved just a half decade ago. Gottlieb has also continued to serve as a philanthropist by donating his money and time to charitable causes that work with underserved populations in need of financial assistance.