Jeff Herman Lets You Know The Signs Of Abuse

Jeff Herman is known as a litigator, and advocate for victims of sexual abuse and assault. He received his JD from the University of Arizona in 1985, and is perhaps best known for winning a $100 million award verdict for a client abused by a Catholic Priest in the Miami Diocese. Also recently represented 3 victims of a former puppeteer for Sesame Street you may have heard about. His firm; Herman Law is narrowly focused on only these sort of cases, so he’s certainly developed his own interview techniques for abused kids.


Recently Mr. Jeff Herman sat down to give Tips To Parents on how to avoid having their children become victims. Many of the bullet points are things that most of us heard growing up but by no means should parents think them any less important. Remember, you know this stuff but your children just got here they need your help. The key point in this interview Jeff Herman gave, seemed to be understanding the potential signs of abuse and how best for parents to act on them.


Recognizing a problem is the obvious first step, but Mr. Herman lays out his idea on what those warning signs are. Some of the signs he points out may be where your child mimics sex acts with toys, bed wetting, and even suicidal ideation. Such things, according to Mr. Herman, are signs for parents to get involved. Visit This Page for more information.


Then we get to online predators, same cancer different genesis. What Mr. Herman expressed was a desire for there to be very little daylight between you and your kids. Kids that are emotionally wanting may well seek out companionship and find themselves in true jeopardy. Creating meaningful relationships with your kids is essential for them to know that YOU are their help.


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