Jeunesse: A Company That Aims to Transform

Jeunesse is a cosmetics company with an international presence that sells makeup and other youth-enhancement products largely through a direct method. Their goals are to improve the lives of their consumers as well as their brand ambassadors and salespeople. The company combines state-of-the art technology with a highly loyal group of employees of people of many ages and nationalities.

The company was founded by entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis on September 9th, 2009; the number nine was chosen to be associated with the launch because of its connection with youth and vitality in the ancient cultures of Asia. Ray and Lewis had both achieved career success in other ventures and came out of retirement because they wanted to create both a company and a movement in Jeunesse.

Jeunesse distributors are the heart of the company. These individuals draw inspiration from a belief in the effectiveness of the products they sell and also from networking and socializing with each other at company events.

The company makes a strong effort to explain the art and science behind their products. For example, a recent blog entry on the company website gets into how many cosmetics are made from powders or oil goo; whereas, Jeunesse cosmetics contain a moist base containing natural, youth-enhancing substances. The result is a foundation that works even with dry skin. Many Jeunesse products are spray-on and water resistant and have a signature look.

Jeunesse Products

The Jeunesse line of products is collectively known as the Youth Enhancement System (YES). The philosophy here is that these products keep the user looking and feeling young in nine ways. They rejuvenate by diminishing wrinkles and age lines, enhance and energize through the use of powerful supplements, and defend and restore with super-fruits and ant-oxidants. The result is that the user feels balanced and looks beautiful. Essentially, it’s all about fighting free-radicals and other damaging substances and achieving clarity both in outlook and appearance.