Kimberly Bakker : An Entrepreneur’s Way To Getting Things Done


Kimberly Bakker is one of the most accomplished CEO’s and event planners today. Her educational accolades from the University of Southern California and career accolades in working as the San Francisco Protocol Officer with the Mayor’s Office has no doubt lend her the skills and know-how on running a successful business.


Today, Kimberly Bakker is not only a great mother, CEO, and philanthropist but a prime example of hard working paying off. Her company Kimberly Bakker events is one of the most sought-after agencies in the state and rightfully so, Bakker delivers every single time.


Bakker’s passion for the event planning industry shockingly enough began at an early age. Her mother stated that she would witness Kimberly Bakker throw elaborate tea parties for her stuff animals making sure that every single detail was looked over. Bakker says her passion for perfecting her client’s events is still very much there, minus the stuff animals of course. Visit This Page for related information.


Although her own passions and desire to deliver great service is her own, Bakker admits that much of her hard work is due to wanting to be an example to her daughter of what a strong independent woman looks like. Planning and being organized goes a long way in an industry such as event planning.


Kimberly Bakker demonstrates personal ownership of her day’s productivity, from the moment she wakes up to the moment she comes back home to her daughter, everything is carefully organized. According to Bakker, making multiple lists for your day is crucial in maintaining order and confidence.


As Kimberly Bakker says, with so many vendors and a team to be in charge of, errors can happen and having a list ready to look back on not only allows your business to be ready but also removes much-unwanted stress off your shoulders.


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