Kimberly Bakker Shares Tips On Entrepreneurship


Kimberly Bakker is a very successful entrepreneur that has defied the odds. She has learned a way to achieve success and stay very productive on her own terms. Bakker is also the type of individual that enjoys sharing her tips on entrepreneurship and staying productive with others interested in starting their own enterprise. The University of Southern California graduate has led an interesting career, Kimberly started with working for the Women’s Advocate for the Panhellenic Board and as Director of Sales and Marketing for a very well-known Hotel chain.


The Early Years

Kimberly Bakker recently shared that she always had a very creative mind. It takes a bit of creativity and ambition to become an entrepreneur. Certainly, this successful woman displayed those traits at a very young age. She also shares that she understood the way to bring together ideas and turn them into reality during her younger days. She states that those traits are also important for an event planner. Bakker also states that her family is one that enjoys the idea of celebration and rituals. She also inherited this liking and understanding of the importance of rituals in modern day life. The fact is that event planning and celebrations are all about rituals that bring people together. This is something vital in her event planning business. Find Additional Information Here.



Kimberly Bakker states that her experience working with other firms prepared her to start her own successful event planning firm. Those skills learned on the job helped guide her to success in a very positive way. Bakker also states that she believes that anything is achievable. This is something that she shares with her clientele and other entrepreneurs that are interested in starting their own venture and achieving their highest goals.


Kimberly Bakker founded and currently runs her own company, the Kimberly Bakker Events


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