Kimberly Bakker Works Hard To Brighten The Lives Of Her Clients Every Day


Kimberly Bakker is the creator of Kimberly Bakker Events, and she has been into planning events since she was a kid. Bakker has always been the kind of person to pay attention to all of the little important details that make an event unique.


Her family has always appreciated celebrating the events that take place in life, and this is part of what inspired her to want to help other people to do the same. Looking back on her life, she fondly remembers times when her father would bring out heirloom china to picnics they would share together. These kinds of memories have given her a touchstone to work with in order to create the same kinds of special moments for others. See This Page for more information.


Kimberly Bakker studied at the University of Southern California and majored in business while there. In 1992, she graduated and earned the title as being among the Outstanding Seniors of her class.


Bakker worked with the Panhellenic Board while at USC, as well, and served the board as an advocate for women. In 2005, Mayor Gavin Newsom, now governor of California, appointed Bakker to serve as the San Francisco Protocol Officer. This honor saw her helping to put on the World Environment Day celebration in the city.


Kimberly Bakker likes to wake up early in the morning so she can get a jump on the rest of the world. She takes care of her daughter before heading off to work by fixing up a healthy breakfast. Before walking out the door, Bakker always looks over her checklist to see what the day holds and then heads out to make her clients happy. Kimberly Bakker has learned that the best way to get everything done is to delegate tasks to others whom she trusts. This allows her to focus on the important work of taking care of all of the little details that brighten up people’s lives.


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