Loans are Fast with GreenSky Credit

The lending world was turned upside down when GreenSky Credit entered the picture in 2006. Their consumer based platform was built around the home improvement needs of customers. People now have a place to turn when home repairs are getting them down.


David Zalik is the founder and CEO of GreenSky Credit. He is well known around the world as a successful financier and businessman. Mr. Zalik began his foray into the business world at a very young age and has never looked back. GreenSky Credit is one of the largest financial technology companies operating today.

Loan Holders

GreenSky Credit is where people turn for financial help. The company sets it up and then turns it over to the banks that actually hold the loans. This is a partnership that has proven to be beneficial for all parties involved.

Project Loans

Home improvement is one way people use GreenSky Credit. Remodeling can be an expensive but a worthy endeavor. It increases the resale value of a home and makes it more enjoyable to live in. David Zalik saw a need for a fast and reliable financial institution that could help them achieve their goals.

Financial Marketplace

Since its conception, GreenSky Credit has helped many people finance their projects. Today they can help with more than just remodels. They have expanded their services to both businesses and consumers who are looking for financial capital.


David Zalik is proud of the speed of service. Their mobile app process is fast and easy to navigate. Anyone can access the site from their smart phone, fill out the application, and get a response within minutes. No one has to put their lives on hold while waiting for an answer about a loan.

Success Continues

Mr. Zalik knows that hard work and dedication equals success. His ventures are proof of that. He plans on taking the company above and beyond where it is while helping people attain their goals. This Atlanta based business has changed the way loans are handled. The days of waiting for a loan approval are over thanks to David Zalik.