Managing Email Clutter With Unroll Me


Unroll Me is a service that manages email subscriptions. It helps users unsubscribe from unwanted subscription and organizes the rest so that they can be easily read. When using one gets to view their email easily every day as it provides users with a summary of the contents of their mailbox. Considering the number of e-mails one get in a day it is possible, that more than 10 hours each week is spent on email management. Unroll Me saves time by managing your subscriptions for you.


The company Unroll Me which was acquired by Slice, the shopping app, for an undisclosed amount of money also provides an Android app. Most people today check their email on their phones or other mobile devices and it is now possible to get the same service from on your android smartphone.


Speaking on the new App the Unroll Me CEO said that the app is meant to make the management of e-mail subscription fun and easy to do in the way of Tinder. In this case, swiping right unsubscribes from a newsletter, up adds the newsletter to the daily Rollup and right lets it remain in the inbox. Visit This Page for related information.


The Unroll Me CEO believes that this would be the best way to organize email and get rid of clutter. The acquisition by Slice which helps shoppers track their packages, orders and discounts will allow focus on coming up with solutions for customers. Both Slice and Unroll Me work in a similar way as they both can view the user’s email. Unroll Me is free but Josh Rosenwald one of the co-founders sees a future in which the service can be monetized.


Using Unroll Me to unsubscribe to unwanted newsletters is one of the best ways to keep your email organized. E-mail service providers also provide users with tools like Undo Send, Pause Inbox, as well as using canned responses in order to save time. However, they do not have an efficient way to organize subscriptions.


About Unroll.Me


Unroll Me is an email management service that assists users to deal with subscriptions. It was established by JoJo Hedaya, Perri Blake Gorman, Steven Greenberg and Josh Rosenwald in the year 2011. In 2014 it was acquired by Slice.


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