“Marc Beer Leads Renovia Inc. to Success “

The biotechnology industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States and beyond. The industry has an estimated worth of billions of dollars. Despite this towering figure, the biggest challenge that the industry faces is inadequate funding for their research. Most companies in this sector are startup companies which require a large amount of funding, especially from investors. Companies have failed due to this challenge, the few that remain afloat are those whose leadership is strategic and smart. One of the companies still standing is Renovia Inc.

About Renovia. Inc.
Renovia is a startup biotech company that is focused on developing technological solutions to medical challenges specifically related to women. Through research, science, technology, and development, the company has been able to attain an FDA Approval for one of its products known as Leva.

Leva is an application that was developed to monitor and encourage strength training specific to women suffering from disorders of the pelvis. The device is fitted with Bluetooth that allows it to generate coaching sessions and real-time visualization as well. With the success of Leva, Renovia. Inc. is putting more effort and money than ever into its research. Through tremendous leadership, the company has been able to raise more than forty-two million dollars to fund its research, developing training as well as diagnostic tools, shepherding its products, commercialization as well as trials.

The Raising of Renovia’s Funds
The 42.3 million dollars was raised through a series of fundraising. Ten million dollars came from venture debt while the other amount was attained from Chain B equity. The entire process was started and run by one Marc Beer. Learn more: https://people.equilar.com/bio/marc-beer-aegerion-pharmaceuticals-/salary/78453

Who is Marc Beer?
Marc Beer is the founder as well as the CEO of Renovia Inc. Prior to his time at Renovia, Marc Beer worked in several sectors including sales, pharmaceuticals, business, and development. With an experience of well over two and a half decades, Marc ventured into the biotech industry where he worked in various companies in leadership positions for several years before starting his own. It is through his experience and savvy leadership skills that Renovia is showing signs of becoming one of the successful companies in the sector.