Marc Beer’s startup focusing on women’s health receives $42 million in funding

Renovia Inc is a startup that’s today widely known for its top-notch CEO, Marc Beer and its revolutionary biotechnological solution to urinary inconsistency in women, the Leva device. This startup’s goal is to find pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical solutions to women’s health problems. After its founding, it started by focusing on pelvic floor disorders which according to the company’s CEO has widely been overlooked by established biopharma companies. This is despite the problem currently affecting more than 250 million women worldwide. Among the different pelvic floor disorders, urinary inconsistency is one of the most notorious ones.


Giving hope


According to Marc Beer, his company strives to find not only solutions to pelvic floor disorders but also eliminate the problem. To achieve this, a lot of research has to be conducted on this disorder. This research is going to need quite a lot of money which thanks to its investors the company now has. The Longwood Fund is a long-term investor in Renovia, and with each step of progress that the company makes, the firm has always invested more money. The Longwood Fund which exclusively invests in biopharma startups together with Ascension Ventures from Missouri and New York’s Perceptive Advisors where the investors in the Series B round. The Series B round funding raised $32 million and venture capital $10 million summing up to $42 million. Marc passed his gratitude to the investors for believing in the company and helping it achieve its goals.


Expanding the company’s product portfolio


Marc Beer also announced that there were new products on the way from his company. These products are targeted at addressing the different disorders associated with the pelvic floor. Marc pointed out that a new Leva device was among these new products. The Renovia CEO stated that the new Leva devices were as a result of his company perfecting its craft. He said that he expects the new Leva device to be more convenient to women suffering from urinary inconsistency. Additionally, the new products would also expand the company’s portfolio and attract more investment to it. This will be very crucial to the company growing and addressing even more of women’s health problems.


About Marc Beer


Besides a stellar career, Marc Beer is also popular in the biopharma sector due to his passion for developing medical solutions to save lives. Through his 25-year career, he has been part of the development of some of the ground-breaking medical solutions and their commercialization. When Marc and his business partners, Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias set up Renovia, there were very high expectations for him give his wealth of experience and stellar. Looking at what Renovia has and is on the path to achieving, you can agree that he has undoubtedly delivered. Laern more: