Matt Badiali Recommends Cannabis Stock

The possession and use of cannabis is now legal in 30 U.S. states. Canadian marijuana stocks are being discussed because Canada is going to legalize marijuana in all forms. Matt Badiali believes that the over $6 billion in cannabis sales during 2017 is just the start of these stocks’ increasing profitability.

Badiali’s Experience in Finance

Badiali was trained as a geologist which led to him being asked to examine a number of geological opportunities. He examined various geological sites in person to assess their investment potentials. Badiali investment specialty is natural resource stocks and while it is not geological, cannabis is a natural resource. Badiali is not the only one that believes there is going to be an increase in marijuana stocks, but investors in the United States are prohibited from buying Canadian stocks.

Fears with Cannabis Stocks

Companies are creating a niche market by switching to cannabis growing. These companies are afraid that alcohol and tobacco companies will be the greatest competition once cannabis is legalized everywhere. Marijuana companies in Canada are the focus of the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF, which has assets of $380 million. With the legalization of marijuana, the company stocks will skyrocket.

Matt Badiali Recommends

Matt Badiali believes that there is immense profit potential with the cannabis industry. Matt Badiali advice allows the average person to make profitable investments. He believes that by the year 2020 cannabis will pass liquor profits. Cannabis is expected to meet the profits of wine. Cannabis has an expected earning of $1 billion over the next two years.

Marijuana Sales

Matt Badiali points out that sales of medical marijuana are on the rise and will increase by 915 percent by 2024. This also means that fertilizer, light, and security companies supporting marijuana would see an increase in profits.Matt Badiali recommends getting in on the purchases of cannabis stock. His background in geology lead to his experience in the stock market. He is known for giving the average person profitable advice and predicting trends in the market.