Meet The New CFO Of Willis Towers Watson: Michael Burwell

Leadership in an organization is very important. It is crucial that the board of directors of every organization work hard to ensure that they recruit the right people for the positions. The senior positions in the industry are the ones who make the major decisions for the firm. It is critical that these people have the knowledge and experience that is necessary.


The Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson has decided to retire voluntarily. Roger Millay contributed significantly towards the development of the Willis Towers Watson. It is sad to see an old member of staff leave the organization. Fortunately, Michael Burwell who has taken over his position is equally good at the job.

Burwell worked for more than three decades in Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). During this time, he got a chance to work in the various departments of the firm. This has given Burwell the knowledge that he needs to run an organization. He knows what every unit is required to do to attain success in the organization.


The way we start our day has a lot with what we accomplish in life. It sets the pace for the rest of the day. Burwell explains that he starts his day by making his bed, regardless of whether he is at home or in a hotel. The task is important to him because it gives him a sense of achievement. He then takes a bicycle ride and plans for his day. He also uses this time to reflect on his goals, and how they will affect his future. Visit This Page for more information.


Our habits determine our level of success. Every investor great or not have habits that make them who they are in life. Michael Burwell says one of his habits that Burwell attributes to his success is embracing of new technology. He explains that technology is there to help us do more than we can do by ourselves within a short time.


Final Verdict


Habits can either make you a better version of yourself or destroy you. It is, therefore, crucial to see that you form good habits. Habits that propel you towards greatness.


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