National Steel Car Is Still Alive and Kicking After A Whopping 100 Years UIn Business; And Mr. Gregory James Aziz Says, It Just Turned 16!

Well, such is the attitude of the renowned President of National Steel Car. Mr. Gregory James Aziz lives on as an enigma and a CEO worth emulating in many respects. He is a man who hatched a dream when he was still a child and held on it fast. Greg Aziz grew up to realize his dream after trying this and trying that, including working for his father’s food processing company in Ontario. Well, that was then. Gregory James Aziz is now the proud President and owner of National Steel Car. He is a man with so much zeal that he says, he feels as if his company just turned 16. National Steel Car is North America’s most prominent and most successful freight tanks manufacturer.



A Brief History of National Steel Car


It was in 1912, when Sir John Gibson, a Lieutenant Governor of the Imperial authority in Ontario, along with six other investors decided to launch the Imperial Car Company. The company was launched but was soon was baptized with a new name; National Steel Car. The company started rolling off rail cars that were made of wood and steel. It was soon to be incorporated into the Umbrella of Dofasco. The company rose to become one of North America’s most respected companies. It was well known for the manufacturing of high-quality railroad cars. Besides, it was the company that everyone wished to work for in Ontario after completing their education. It is not surprising; therefore, that Mr. Gregory Aziz became inspired by the firm and developed entrepreneurial urges while he was still young. Visit This Page for more information.



Mr. Greg James Aziz, His Education, and Career Path


He grew up in Hamilton and witnessed one of North America’s most established rail car manufacturing entities being born. He graduated and joined his father’s Affiliated Foods. He soon decided to leave the family enterprise and charted his own destiny. He moved beyond the borders. He settled in New York after he discovered that he could make some money doing merchant banking. In the meantime, National Steel Car was going through hard times. Soon, Dofasco, the company that was running the railroad manufacturing entity decided to sell NSC.


Mr. Gregory J Aziz did not think twice about it. Greg Aziz immediately saw a godsend opportunity and went for it. He successfully bought national Steel Car and turned it around in less than 5 years. He had, by the end of five years increased the manufacturing of the rail tanks from 3,000 to 12 000 units per year. Mr. Greg Aziz says that his team is never satisfied with the current achievements.


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