Nerocore is a world-leading brain performance center based in Livonia Michigan which helps patients with migraines, depression, stress, ADHD, anxiety disorders and memory problems attain their normal state. They usually influence the brain’s ability to transform nature and become stronger. They have a memory boot camp that is integrated to address the aging brain and memory problems. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The memory boot camp comprises typically of cognitive exercising, brain training and a one to one coaching on exercise, relaxation, diet and intensive care with a person’s own brain coach. A comprehensive analysis is normally done on the heartbeat rate, and breathing is done to enable the doctors to identify what is going on with the brain, and relevant steps are taken.

Damp hands, dry mouth, racing heart, and shaking hands are some of the signs and symptoms of anxiety and stress. Ordinary human beings encounter stress once in a while during their lifetime. Stress alters the quality of one’s life and can also be a sign of mental disorder. If stress or anxiety affects the normal functioning of a person, they should consider visiting a doctor. Neurocore is one of the best places one can visit to correct stress and anxiety disorders. There are several types of anxiety disorders, and a person can experience one or more of this types. Generalized anxiety disorder is one of these types.


Patients with Generalized Anxiety disorder experience anxiety and are extensively worried even in non-stressful situations, and this ends up affecting a person’s healthy life. A person gets stressed out even in minor cases like getting late for class, or an appointment becomes a stress focus and may lead to restlessness, lack of sleep, muscle tension or irritability. If these symptoms persist for more than six months, then one is likely to be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.

Panic attacks are signs of Panic Disorder which is a form of anxiety disorder. Dizziness, rapid heartbeat, tunnel vision, sense of terror, trembling and breathing difficulties are some of the signs that one might experience a heart attack. Other types of panic disorders are phobias, social anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Anxiety disorder can be corrected through therapy, anxiety control strategies or even medication at Neurocore. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.