Neurocore Ushers In New Form of Mental Disorder Treatment

Recently the medical community has seen an increase in ADHD amongst children, this, however, has also crossed over to women in their late twenties and early thirties causing come concern that the old methods are failing. Fortunately, Neurocore has been at the forefront of this serious issue with constant research being performed and patients more willing to try alternative methods of treatment other than simply taking medicine.

Neurocore was first founded by Timothy Royer in 2004 in order to increase the number of locations and availability of the neuroscience technology. One of the goals was to decrease the number of children dependent on prescription medicines to control their ADHD. Through eight brain performance centers, Neurocore continues to work towards the goal of treating mental disorders with non-invasive practices and without prescription medicine.

Neurocore has seen an incredible development in their Neurofeedback technology with many in the medical community now taking it very seriously. The increased exposure to the technology has also opened the doors of opportunity for young medical professionals seeking to find a position beyond the traditional hospital. In fact, many of the Neurocore employees have found various new careers within the company as the method of therapy through Neurofeedback technology is increasingly more accepted by the public.