NexBank Provides a Host of Lending Solutions for Customers

NexBank Capital Inc., is based in Dallas. The financial services company recently completed $54 million in private placement subordinated notes for high-net-worth investors and certain institutions. The bank will use the proceeds for general company purposes. Raising this capital has placed the company’s debt and equity totals at $283 million since 2016.


NetBank products and services fall under commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking. Products and services also include commercial lending, agency services, treasury management, and more. NexBank places focus on creating long-term relationships with clients. As such, the bank helps customers to fund and close loans more efficiently through warehouse lines. Each customer receives a customized loan solution that helps sustain and grow their business.


Corresponding and wholesale lending tends to deliver quick funding solutions. Customers can expect and receive, the same personalized services that a mid-sized bank offers. NexBank capital levels also rival those of larger banks. Products in this category include jumbo, conforming, and government loans that meet Fannie Mae and Freedie Mac underwriting requirements.


NexBank offers a wide selection of options that government agencies guarantee. Of course, their government loans must also satisfy certain criteria that covers the term and size of a loan. NexBank also offers personalized banking services, and has maintained an approach, for nearly a century, that puts clients first. Individuals and families throughout Texas know their banking needs are tailored to their advantage.


The bank spends time gaining insights into an individual’s finances. This results in banking products that will help grown and protect the customer’s funds. NexBank also hires individuals with the right expertise and banking experience who can easily analyze a client’s wealth strategy. Online banking provides convenient and secure access to funds 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Customers can review their account balances, transfer money between accounts, or pay their bills online.