Peter Briger- A passionate leader who supports entrepreneurship

Princeton University is known for producing some of the top business leaders in the country. They have done this consistently since the university was founded and continue to endeavor to do so. This will be achieved for them by producing more entrepreneurs from students. To achieve this Princeton recognizes that it requires to have a well-run committee that spearheads this project and at the same time have an active fund that can be used as a kitty to help fund those who have brilliant creative ideas but need some assistance taking them to market.This was the idea that Princeton sold Peter Briger an Alumni of the school. They wanted to develop the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurship Fund and to do so, they needed some support from some of their successful Alumni.

Peter Briger being one of those was more than willing to assist. He graduated from the university as part of the class of 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and has gone on to become one of the most influential business leaders in America as reported by Forbes Magazine.Peter Briger started his job career at Goldman Sachs, and during his time there he was able to interact with a lot of entrepreneurs as well as start-up founders who were struggling to keep them afloat. This stirred something in him and even when he moved to Fortress he is still passionate about entrepreneurship. The fund will offer Alumni an opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of independent judges who then determine the validity of the idea.

This is then funded depending on their findings. The funding can run up to 100,000 dollars with a mentor in tow. The mentor will come from a field similar or close to whatever the entrepreneur is working on. By having someone who has been on the journey before they will be in a position to guide those that are trying to find success in the same.Peter Briger was part of the initial three who contributed to kickstart the fund. These funds have been put to good use, and to date has produced a number of successful ventures. He hopes to continue inspiring others and is willing to continue contributing his precious time and resources to the same. As the Co-CEO of the Fortress Investment Group, he may now be busier than ever, but that does not mean he is about to stop mentoring.