Positive Feedback: Vinod Gupta’s Groundbreaking Strategy For Success


From incredibly humble beginnings to the loftiest heights of success, Vin Gupta has been a trailblazer in business for decades. His mission, even as a young boy living in squalor outside New Delhi, India, was to secure wealth and well-being for not just himself, but also his entire community. To that end, he applied himself in school and ended up receiving education and an assistantship in Nebraska.


Once there, Gupta acquired work in the marketing division at a mobile home company. He was asked one day to compile a list of mobile home dealers. Upon beginning to do so, Gupta discovered that it had not already been worked out by industry people how to properly complete the task of establishing and compiling such lists. Sensing an opportunity, Gupta initiated a company: American Business Lists.


ABL’s game was gathering related lists from databases, including the Yellow Pages, and arranging them accordingly for clients. They began with mobile home businesses, but eventually expanded. Vin Gupta’s company began acquiring other companies and grew even more. The conglomerate, known at one point as infoUSA, was eventually sold for over half a billion dollars.


Gupta did not rest on his laurels after his success. Vin Gupta involved himself in other ventures, and he did so with an attitude unheard of at the time. His mandates when conducting business included consideration, transparency, and empowerment through philanthropy. To date, he’s contributed fifty million dollars to several causes. Visit This Page for more information.


Prominent among them are the state of education both in the United States (some of the universities he attended), and in India, where females can struggle to receive academic attention. Gupta’s philosophy is that when a company invests in the people with which it shares an environment, they return the favor sooner or later.


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