Reasons Why The Best Lawyers in America Chose Todd Levine as the Best Lawyer in 2018

The year 2018 has been one of the best years for Todd Levine. Apart from having an impressive year at his law firm, he has been a recipient of several prestigious awards in the world of law. The Best Lawyers in America© panel pointed out that one of the reasons why Levine was among the best lawyers this year is his dedication to professionalism and more importantly his broad approach to law . This award came at the right time because Todd Levine had one of the busiest year presenting clients in legal proceedings and settlements. His colleagues at his law firm were also part of the winning team, and it is interesting to note that all won in business categories.

Todd Levine, in the last one decade, has been synonymous with the better practice of legal fields surrounding business and more importantly litigation. In the recent past, he has expanded his niche to accommodate growing disciplines such as mergers and acquisitions and more importantly, he has started to practice entertainment law. In each of this field, he has always introduced a new perspective and therefore putting his clients in a better position to win their cases. This expansion and growth was also a reason why Todd Levine won the prestigious awards.

It is, however, important to appreciate some facts about Todd Levine that makes him stand out in this law niche. First, he has one of the best backgrounds in terms of education. It is interesting to note that he has a Finance background as well as a Law background. This combination helps him to formulate his legal arguments as well as being client-centered. Second, Todd Levine is also one of the few legal pundits that have a talent in making every concept easier. Sometimes some legal situations can be complicated for clients, but he has always been a position to help his clients understand this complexity.

In addition, his interests outside his profession set him aside. Todd Levine has been vocal about his love for music. In one of his recent interview, Levine pointed out that music for him has always given his a chance to take a break and reflect. See more here