Roseann Bennett Providing Effective Marriage Counseling With A Unique Approach


Working with people from all walks of life has helped Roseann Bennett gather a variety of experiences in her career as a family and marriage therapist. Roseann Bennett believes that people who are willing to find a solution to their family and marriage issues would be able to find it, and professional assistance accelerates the process of seeing it.


Roseann Bennett is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The Center has helped a number of patients and their families through times of stress and trial. Recently, the Center also incorporated another innovative approach to mental health issues, which is the “Canine-Assisted Therapy”.


Roseann Bennett studied from Seton Hall University, where she did her bachelor’s as well as masters in psychology. The more time she spent with different families and couples who were having family disputes and troubles with their partners, more she understood that rifts are created due to minor differences. It can be easily reversed with the help of professional therapy.


Roseann Bennett has helped reunite many families and couples and continues to help many people with their life struggles and mental health issues with the help of her unique approach and therapy. Roseann Bennett has played a vital role in the lives of her patients whom she has helped change their lives for good. Roseann Bennett believes that with the help of proper marriage and relationship counseling at the right time, many families can resolve their disputes and many marriages can be saved. Due to the hectic lives of people these days, most of the marriages go through trouble sooner or later. See This Page for additional information


Roseann Bennett says there should be no hesitation in going for marriage counseling as it can help in getting rid of the personal issues between the partners and bring more transparency and understanding. Roseann Bennett has helped many people overcome the mental health issues through various types of mental health treatments, one of which is the canine-assisted therapy that has become widely popular. It helps people get the comfort and relief they need to soothe their senses and get rid of the negativity in their life.


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