Ryan Seacrest, the 21st Century All In One Man

While some people can concentrate on one task for four to five hours, Ryan Seacrest has an attention deficit disorder, and can only concentrate for a short period. This is one of the many things that the public didn’t know about the American Idol show host. Thanks to this that Ryan first dealt with short-term tasks during morning hours, and handled long-term matters in the second half of the day. Also, it’s for this reason that he puts his phone away during morning hours, and when he is on a trip.

Ryan who is still learning to adjust to New York’s lifestyle after he moved to host his new show, recently brought the world into his heart by laying it all bare in an article published by the New York Times recently. Owing to his schedule, it is easy to think that Ryan is an early bird but surprisingly, his day starts not a minute earlier than six in the morning. Once he is up, he freshens up and gets ready to face whatever life throws at him during the day, by taking a shower and a shave, applying moisturizer on his face and putting on his comfy attire for the day which comprises of a pair of sweatpants, a zip-up hoodie, a t-shirt and Uggs. He then takes a cup of matcha tea which he loves due to the healthy ingredients it packs, followed by a cup of tea. Ryan then watches a bit of television news, and thereafter hits the road. Fortunately for him, he doesn’t have to deal with traffic as he lives only seven minutes away from his workplace.

Once at work, Ryan Seacrest puts his phone away and doesn’t handle any long-term issues till afternoon hours. This type of schedule did not occur naturally to him; instead, it has taken him years of training to learn that not every question or issue has to be dealt with immediately.

Who is Ryan Seacrest?

Ryan Seacrest is a renowned show host and the voice behind radio shows such as Live with Kelly and On air with Ryan. He is also the force behind the renowned skin care company, Polish. He also boasts of great taste in clothes which he shares with other men through his apparel line, Ryan Seacrest Distinction.