Shiraz Boghani- Shinning In Hotelier Industry

Shiraz Boghani is the Splendid Hospitality Group chairperson, and he has years of considerable experience and knowledge in the industry. He has over 30 year’s tenure of vast skills in hospitality industry preparing him for the roles he serves in the organisation. He has served in London as hotelier getting a wealth of experiences.


Shiraz Boghani is a well-known hotelier who exhibits deep passion, professionalism and commitment to the industry. He has received exceptional rewards for his work as a hotelier with the latest being the 2016 Asian Business Award. The prestigious award as the Hotelier of 2016 reflects on the Shiraz relentless pursuit of offering the hospitality industry with outdating services using his unique and well-calculated leadership skills. Famous people in different sectors judged the award picking Shiraz for his different standards and abilities. Boghani has helped over 35 companies to develop globally by offering monetary assistance and winning strategies.


The Splendid Hospitality group is the most robust and fast-growing company in the United Kingdom, The restaurants over the years have gained global perceptions due to its modern facilities and quality services with their significant hotels providing luxury. The hotels associated with the company globally include Accor, Choice and Hilton with Shiraz managing and owning 19 hotels. He recently launched an exciting project targeting the Hilton London Bankside and the stylish London project will be housed by Vibrant Bankside. Shiraz other additional signature hotels include the Concord London In St James, The Grand Hotel and Spa, the Holiday Inn London among others. He also recently acquired the New Ellington located in Leeds and Mercure Briston Hotel Brigstow. The Hilton London Bankside Project will cost 121 million dollars.


Shiraz Boghani is a qualified and trained Chartered Accountant with vast interest in entrepreneurship passionately dealing with hotel sector. Boghani was born and raised in Kenya, and later he relocated to the UK making the country his business headquarters and home. Born in 1969 he studied in Kenyan schools and came to U.K for his accounting studies becoming a scholar and joined Thomas McLintock and company as there accountant. See This Article for more information


Shiraz Boghani also has eyes on healthcare sector and a co-chair of Sussex Health Care that is known for providing residential and nursing care to older and others in the community. Sussex Healthcare has over 25 facilities. Shiraz Boghani has generous nature contributing to different charitable originations including the Aga Khans Foundation that offer various voluntary services to needy people.