Steve Lesnard: How Companies Are Botching Product Introductions

It is no secret that today’s social mediums have not only grown in quantity but also in how we utilize their platforms to present new products to the market. Social mediums can bring a plethora of opportunities to up and coming and even well-established companies, however, even if one chooses the right platform how companies execute their marketing campaign can make or break their product. An example of a great product introduction includes simple highlights that showcase the benefits to the targeted consumer. Steve Lesnard, a man who is considered to be a marketing genius for his experience in working with various brand giants has presented us with his two principles to successfully market your next product.

Principle Number 1: ”Keep it simple to make it memorable”

Walt Disney once said that the most important thing to get right is the storyline. Therefore, Steve Lesnard recommends companies to first figure out their storyline and pick a lane. The introduction of a product should focus on a clear and simple benefit to the consumer. A great example of this technique is in Apple’s introduction of the iPod with a simple image of the product and ad copy saying “10k songs in your pocket”. The ad copy showcased a simple benefit to the consumer while still bringing them a new solution to their problem.

Principle Number 2: “Bring it to life to make it real”

Once you are clear on the storyline you wish to attach to your product, the next thing to do according to Steve Lesnard is determine the experience you want to give to your consumer when they see or use your product. For example, how will the product be used? How will it look on their body? are simple questions to get you right on track. Giving life to a product enables consumers to put themselves in a situation with the product where it will both benefit them and make them look good. For example, YETI introduced their line of coolers through an ambassador program where real outdoors people where using the product in their everyday life without pushing it on consumers and making it feel like an ad.

Next time your company is getting ready for a product introduction, stop and think about all the questions covered here in order to ensure a successful product introduction and launch. More update can be found at the Twitter handle.