Steve Ritchie And Diverse Training For The Papa John’s Staff


There have been several instances where various companies have been found to discriminate against the customers based on their races and ethnic backgrounds. The recent example is of the Starbucks where the store manager called the police on two black customers accusing them to have been loitering. This discrimination caused a public outcry and the company a bad image.

Papa John’s International is the third largest Pizza Company worldwide with Steve Ritchie as the CEO.


Employee training

Steve Ritchie has made it a policy that the staff should receive a diversity training to make the employees more accommodative. As much as it may look like a public relation stunt, it is a sincere effort. This training would, in turn, prevent incidences such as the Starbucks from happening.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s says that it been in his top priorities since he became the CEO in January 2018 is to ensure fairness, inclusion, and diversity because Papa John company believes in the same. Steve has worked in the company for over 22 years serving various roles. He once owned a local pizzeria in his hometown where he worked for long hours the whole week which explain his value for hard work.

Papa John’s is trying to put a massive gap between them and the former CEO of Papa John, John Schnatter. He has been, and even though all the employees are required to attend the training, Schnatter, the founder, Papa John is the one who needs it the most. He believes that his own company wants to shut him down and creates a website called It is directed to all the fraternity telling them that he misses them. The board of Directors gave a clear cut response that they all would want to save Papa John from John. Click Here for more information.


The forward way for Papa John

Steve Ritchie has made his focus on the team members of PapaJohn’s franchise and on the ingredients that make the highest quality Pizzas. He wants to ensure global development and emphasize brand awareness. According to Steve, strategies are being made to ensure that products are made accessible to all groups and progressive technological agenda.


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