Stream Cares uses some of its monetary gains to give back to communities

Stream Energy provides excellent customer support and connected life and electricity services. Stream Energy also has some much needed philanthropy to several charities abroad. Their foundation is called Stream Cares Foundation and Stream Cares.

Stream Energy gets to know their communities and local charities and with their team work initiatives they establish a much brighter future for everyone involved.


This partner is just one of Stream Cares partners. This company is a non-profit Dallas based organization that primary mission is to assist homeless children in North Texas that are in desperate need for some programs that help these homeless children enhance their lives and offer some critical care that they may need. Splash for Hope is an annual program where they sponsor hundreds of homeless kids with a water park adventure and this is an all-day event. Stream Cares also sponsors children through Hawaiian Falls Water Park so that they may have one pair of flip flops, a nice picnic lunch and an awesome hat to keep the sun out of their little faces.


After Hurricane Harvey, the Stream Cares Foundation offered their support to help decrease homelessness. Hurricane Harvey drenched Houston neighborhoods with approximately 56 inches of rainfall. All of the United States people watched in awe as people lost their pets, their homes and even their lives. People were stunned by this sheer horror with Mother Nature. Stream, who resides in Dallas, used some of its monetary gains from its business energy sales to fund some of the recovery. They also assisted in easing some of the Houston resident’s financial burdens and they were even some of their customers.


Stream Energy clearly has philanthropy in its corporate gene pool. This company that formulates energy direct-selling by its very nature has officially launched Stream Cares. This is the company’s charity foundation that helps their customers and several other people throughout the state of Texas and all through the United States. They have provided this wonderful service to show how much they appreciate their customers and Stream Cares uses even more monetary gains to give back. This is what philanthropy is all about!