Stream Energy’s Contribution to Help Victims of Hurricane

Stream Energy used its money from energy sales to fund Hurricane Harvey recovery. The company is known for being philanthropic. It sells energy directly to clients, and it recently launched a charity organization called stream cares. It wants to formalize philanthropy in every state, hence the initiative. Stream has engaged in numerous charity events to help people recover from disastrous events. However, Stream Energy’s contribution to help victims of Hurricane Harvey proved that it is committed to making the world a better place.

Stream wants to help those in need by enabling local charities through the Stream Cares Foundation. Many people have benefited from the initiative. Launching a philanthropy foundation allows the company to give back to the society. Doing this helps them in the long-run because they gain loyalty and respect from the community. The company boasts of many customers who support their initiatives. People know they give back to the need and are happy to promote their business.

Corporate giving is considered a gimmick to gain customers. However, Stream Energy has proven that it wants to help others. In 2016, companies used more than 16 billion dollars in charity events. The amount does not include corporate sponsorships, donations, and marketing. Companies use a lot of resources to attract and maintain customers. People started doubting true intentions of company’s donations to charity events when they were mentioned every time they made contributions.

Negative perceptions about philanthropy by some scare some from donating. However, Stream has proven that it will not stop helping those in need. It has a good relationship with the Red Cross, corporate leadership and employees. The company pays its close associates to create networks with customers and deliver products and services. It offers corporate and residential services to loyal clients. Furthermore, it offers discounted clean energy to get more funds.

Stream Energy associates earn a commission based on sales. They are allowed to support causes without payment. Employees find out how many people are homeless and their condition. This information is used to determine areas that need urgent assistance. Stream Energy says that it is committed to helping communities and local charities.